Friday, March 8, 2013


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to take a peek into the mind of a professional killer?  Well, here's your chance.  Through his liason, B.R. Stateham, I was granted an interview, via the Internet, with a gentleman known as Smitty.  In polite circles, Smitty could be referred to as a sort of privatized Human Resources Administrator who handles terminations.  Or, we could simply get real about it and call him what he is:  A 'hit man'.

Let's get some insight into what makes Smitty tick.

1. Do you see yourself as providing a type of public service?

Do I provide a service to the public?   An amusing thought.   What I provide is closure; I end the terror that stalks the innocent.   I remove from the scene the monsters who are exponentially far more monstrous than I am.   Sometimes I provide hope.   Hope for those who, for years, have lived without hope.

But most of all I provide revenge.   Or justice, if you want to call it that.   Funny, isn't it?  The distinction between revenge and justice.   Is there really a distinction?
2. How are potential clients able to contact you?  I don't recall seeing your name and number under any of the Removal categories in the Yellow Pages.
I have my ways.   People whisper in the night.   People know people who know people . . . the kind of people whom a priest or preacher would recoil in horror from.   I have contacts who keep their ears open for any possible client seeking my help.   For a price, of course; always for a price.
3. Once your unique skills have been requested, what factors influence your decision to accept a particular assignment, or do you accept any and all requests?
Sometimes it can be an arduous process, this acceptance of a contract.   I look at the client's intent.  I look at their ability to pay.   Although monetary rewards are not necessarily the reward I seek.   I must decide on their loyalty.   Will they try to turn me over to the authorities if circumstances become uncontrollable?   Or will they try to control me because they have a source of blackmail to manipulate me?
I look at the prey.   Their history, their intentions, their guilt or innocence.   In fact you might be surprised at the number of lucrative contracts I decline because the targeted prey does not warrant my particular brand of expertise.
4. How does one wake up one morning and make the decision to follow the particular career path you have chosen?  Is there a particular event from your past that drove you to your specific trade, or was it simply the thrill of the hunt that attracted you at the start, and continues to do so to this day?
I would suggest you read one of B.R. Stateham's attempts to record my history . . . the one called There Is No Johnny---Just Call Me Smitty.   I believe the story can be found in volume one of the Smitty anthologies entitled, Just Call Me Smitty.   You'll find it remarkably accurate as to how the personna Johnny died and Smitty came into being.
5. May we ask about your personal life?  Do you have a special someone, and if so, is that individual aware of what you do for a living?
My personal life is rather reclusive.   For obvious reasons. I will say that I move from one location to another often.   And each time I move, I try to give myself a different appearance.   Disguises, therefore, are part of my repertoire.   To date no clear photo has been snapped revealing my true identity.   I plan to keep it that way.
As to a significant other . . . let us just say that after the sudden death of my wife a few years back, only one woman has seriously affected me.   A woman by the name of Charlene Hicks.   You may be introduced to her somewhat when B.R. Stateham completes the novel he is working on entitled Retribution.   It will be the first full length novel highlighting one assignment of unusual interest I recently completed.   I am told it will be completed sometime this year.
6. What is your weapon of choice, and the reasons behind your preference?
My weapon of choice is the switch-blade.   I believe a murder, or execution, should be up close and personal.   But I do not limit myself.   Almost anything can be used as a weapon.   Someday I might relate to B.R. the time I killed a remarkably tough gangster with a Tangerine.   One of my more unusual contracts.
7. How did you come to be known simply as 'Smitty', and if you're able to tell us, is that the only name you use both in your personal and professional life?
I refer you to question number four.   But I will say that I have about a dozen names I use.   A dozen names with complete background information and documentation in case a curious official wants to look it up.
It is always beneficial to be fully prepared in my line of work.
We want to thank Smitty for taking time from his very busy schedule to speak with us.  If you would like more information about Smitty, you can go right to B.R. Stateham's blog here.  It's called In The Dark Mind of B.R. Stateham.  If, however, you'd like to get up close and personal with this dark-eyed mysterious assassin, make sure you get the following:
Volume One:  Call Me Smitty:  Dirty Little Secrets (available here)
Volume Two:  Call Me Smitty:  See You In Hell (available here)
Volume Three:  Call Me Smitty:  There Are No Heroes (available here)

Also, make sure you follow B.R. Stateham's blog so you don't miss out on the release of Retribution.  More of Smitty's secrets to be revealed...