Friday, May 26, 2017

Be My Killer by Richard Parker: Words CAN Hurt You! - A Review

'Sticks and stones can break your bones, but words can never hurt you.' Really? Think again.

Let’s have some fun. Sign in to your Twitter account and access the hashtag BeMyKiller, a stream to entice a serial killer to select you as their next victim. There you will enter your tweet - your dare. Use your imagination – be creative – make him want you. Only. You. Wanna play?

A disturbing prank? An irresponsible practical joke? Perhaps, but as occurs after all actions, there occurs a reaction. In this case, the reactions that resulted were deadly consequences. People were being targeted, and murdered, in ways that matched quite literally the taunts they aimed at the killer. One victim baited the predator with the words ‘want a piece of me?’. You can probably make an accurate guess at how this young man’s life ended.

Hazel Salter, a film producer, had a theory about the killings, and also had a personal stake in this tragedy. One of the victims was a childhood friend of hers, and she was determined to try to find a way to convince the authorities to focus their investigation in a different direction. She gathers her crew together, and establishes a base of operations at the site of her friend’s death, with the goal of making a documentary about the murders. Plans include interviewing locals, family members and friends of victims, and members of law enforcement as possible.

Even someone with the best of intentions could not anticipate how their plans could go horribly wrong. As the project proceeds, people associated with it are systematically murdered. Who is responsible? How can those left protect themselves? Are the killings and disappearances related to the original Twitter prank, or has another serial killer chosen to use the area as his hunting ground?

Richard Parker has assembled a cast of characters whose lives criss-cross again and again, and weave an impenetrable web of mystery. From the first page, Be My Killer will lure you into that web, and hold you tightly until the last. Be My Killer is definitely not for the faint of heart, but if you’re looking for an impressively dark puzzle that gathers itself together, one terrifying piece after another, then Be My Killer is for you.

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