Thursday, July 15, 2021

Murder is Our Business (Turner Hahn and Frank Morales Case Files Book 1) by B.R. Stateham - A Review


Turner Hahn and Frank Morales are two detectives who work out of the South Side Precinct in the Homicide Division. Turner resembles a movie star from the days when Hollywood was golden, and Frank? Well, let's just say that Stephen King would be Frank's creator's biggest fan. He is scary big, he is intentionally or unintentionally intimidating (depending on the circumstances), and he is brilliant. He is also the perfect partner for Turner, whose dashing good looks and analytical aptitude blend seamlessly with the monolith that is Frank.

Murder is Our Business provides a peek into their case files. There are ten stories that range from twisted to diabolical, and everything in between. As you make your way through their accounts of crime and retribution, you will share their experiences with a bit of beauty and the beast, a little bait and switch action, and deplorably dysfunctional families. Turner and Frank have also witnessed first hand when the best laid plans go violently awry, and last but not least, when dead guys refuse to remain dead.

Murder is Our Business is quite the delightfully macabre bill of fare. B.R. Stateham brings his characters to life so vividly that whether they are on the side of right or on the side of wrong, you feel their determination, their drive, their frustrations, and even their triumphs. Join Turner Hahn and Frank Morales as they travel down this path of dark and haunting memories. You can get your Kindle copy here and your Paperback copy here.