Sunday, April 25, 2010

Robert Jackson Bennett's Debut Novel!

I just finished Mr. Bennett's debut novel, Mr. Shivers. This is described on the cover as an 'extraordinary debut' and I totally agree with this assessment. This is an excellent exploration of the human mind and heart when people are driven by an intense and deep sense of loss. It is a gritty and extremely realistic look into the daily lives of those who ride the rails and make migrant labor camps their home. It is a dark and dangerous world that most of us, thankfully, never see, but the author has given us a deep look inside from a safe vantagepoint. There is quite a mystical quality about the story, but it is relevent and quite appropriate. It's ending, while uplifting and full of hope, is also full of more despair than one can imagine. Anyone who has seen the movie Pumpkinhead and is familiar with its tragic ending, will understand that I mean. This is a moving story and the characters will touch you. Looking forward to more from Mr. Bennett. He certainly knows how to tell a tale.

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