Thursday, October 13, 2016

Flash Fiction Friday, Week 59: The Potion

The prompt this week was to write a fantasy story that included the following words: Autumn, portal, potion, kingdom, and teacher. Please enjoy.

The Potion

“Honored Father, what shall we do? I am so distressed.”

“My son, what troubles you so?”

“At my school today, after rehearsing for our production of the Celebration of Autumn, I overheard the two brothers plotting to steal the Sacred Potion.”

“What two brothers would plot such a horrific act?”

“It was Adrian and Argonn. I went to our teacher and informed him immediately, and he spoke to them about the dangers of what they were planning. I am greatly fearful though, Father, that they may still carry out their plan.”

“You know the doorway to the Temple of Eternity is guarded by Sonnadal, who is a powerful dragon. None shall pass through without his permission.”

“But Father, the brothers said they will immobilize Sonnadal with a charm. It will cause him to become confused and docile. Once that occurs, they will enter the Temple and steal the potion so they may drink it from the holy cup. It is rumored that the potion contains powers and they want to find out if that is so.”

“This cannot be allowed. If they find a way to get past the dragon guard, all in our kingdom could be lost.”

“Why would all be lost? I thought if the potion was stolen and the temple was violated, that you and the other Elders would be angry because it is a holy place. I don’t know what their punishment would be, but I believed it would be severe. Also, if they sipped the potion, I thought they would become very ill and perhaps not recover. Now you say we would all be lost? How is that possible, Father?”

“I told you briefly about the purpose of the potion and what it represents, but it was long ago and you were very young; too young perhaps to fully understand its importance. I will tell you fully the truth of it, my son, and then you will know why desecration of the temple and the holy cup could mean the death of us all. Do you recall my telling you the story of the Grand Warrior?”

“Yes. I remember your recounting that legend to me.”

“It is not simply a legend. The Grand Warrior is as real as you and I. He is the savior and protector of all worlds, all of which contain the potion of power in a holy cup. He passes through the portal of one of our worlds, drinks the potion, and performs a thorough inspection of same. If any are oppressed, he frees them. If any are lonely and abandoned, he comforts them. Once he is assured all are happy and fulfilled, he passes again through one of their portals into yet another one of the worlds under his domain. The potion must be there when he enters since he is weakened both by his duties and his journey through time and space.

“Once he has gone, since he alone has consumed it, the potion replenishes itself for his next visitation. He has carried his burden for over 1,000 years and will continue on his quest to maintain peace and harmony in all of our worlds for yet 1,000 more. But, if he should arrive here, or at any of his appointed destinations, and there is no potion to renew his strength and nourish his powers, he will weaken and die. The Grand Warrior cannot die, my son. Without his guidance and protection, all worlds will descend into chaos, and total destruction will result.”

“I’m sorry, my Father. I didn’t understand. The brothers did say they would take, and drink, whatever is there. Could you, or any of the other Elders, move the potion somewhere else to make sure the brothers cannot find it?”

“No, my son. The holy cup may not be placed elsewhere. There is no predicting when the Grand Warrior will arrive, and our Temple of Eternity is where he will first go. You said the brothers’ plan is to take, and drink, whatever is there?”

“Yes. They swore to it.”



“Honored Father, all went well today at school, but Adrian and Argonn were not in attendance again. It has been almost a week. Do you think they ran away because they were ashamed of what they did? No one has seen them. Where could they possibly be hiding?”

“Did you pass Sonnadal on your way home, my son? How is his recovery progressing?”

“He is well, Father. His confusion lessens with each day, and I believe he will be his usual self at any time. He says he cannot recall what occurred that night. Why are you and the other Elders not afraid, Father? Before they disappeared, Adrian and Argonne said they entered the Temple, and grabbed the cup. They each drank half, left the cup on the small table, and went home. They mentioned they felt somewhat peculiar, but isn’t that to be expected? Is our world, and others like ours, now forever doomed?”

“The potion remains safe on the altar, and awaits the Grand Warrior, my son. There is nothing to fear.”

“How is that possible? They said between them, they drank it all. You said it would not replenish itself unless it was consumed by the Grand Warrior, and…Father, altar? But, they said they drank from a cup they found on a small table near the entrance. If the potion that belongs to the Grand Warrior is on an altar, what was it that they…”

“Not to worry, my son. All is well. The matter is closed. Did you pass the home of Adrian and Argonne? Did you encounter their father?”

“Yes. He seemed consumed with despair. I did not speak with him as he was tending to his new…I don’t know what to call them, Father. Surely, he cannot view them as pets. Why would anyone choose to take in what appears to be two dwarf ogres? Their kind are not often seen, and are what results when someone’s drink contains a dark spell cast by…”

“Go now, and work on your scrolls so they will be ready for the next school session. I will prepare our evening meal.”

“Why are you smiling so broadly, Father?”

“Because all is well, my son, and for the time being, will remain so. All is truly well.”


  1. Your stories always leave me with a shiver down my spine! Well done to the father for 'taking care' of everything!

    1. Thank you SO much, Rose. Delivering shivers is usually my goal. Dad sure 'took care' of the problem - permanently!

  2. I like the way the plan details slowly roll out to the reader, but not the son, who is happy to know all is well. When he is older he will realize just who they two dwarf ogres are. A chilling ending, but appropriate.

    1. Thanks, Mike. Someday perhaps, when the boy grows up, he'll know the truth. He'll also realize just how powerful his father is, and how he basically saved their world.