Monday, May 2, 2022

The Removal Man by R. J. Parker - A Review

Moving into a new house is a very exciting experience. You plan how each room will be furnished, and where you will store all of your personal treasures. Your goal is to do everything you can to make this home all your very own. But, while you’re choosing which wallpaper pattern you would like to hang in the family room, do you ever wonder about the people who have lived in this house before you? No? You’ll be sorry.

Rose and her son Noah are currently in the process of moving out of their home. Their belongings and all their memories of living in this house are packed away now. The moving company has already removed the large items, and the rest are sealed up in stacks of boxes. Life took a turn for them both, and the time has come to leave the past behind and look toward a new future for them both.

Noah wants to spend their last night camping outside in the yard – something he’s always enjoyed. Rose relaxes with some wine in the house and comfortably drifts off to sleep. She awakens to Noah banging on the window for her to let him in the house because someone is out there in the yard. Rose looks around outside and reassures him there’s no one out there. Then she realizes that the ‘someone’ is inside the house.

She and Noah go to the border wall at the property’s edge, planning to climb over to escape the threat. As she reaches for her son, he is suddenly pulled underground, and so begins the nightmare. Rose and Noah end up in a fight for their lives on this night. But, where is Noah now, who took him, and why?

The Removal Man will leave you breathless with every turn of the page. R. J. Parker has crafted a dark tale of hope and loss, of trust and betrayal, and of life and death. You will fight to survive alongside Rose and Noah, but stay close – don’t let them get out of sight. You definitely don’t want to have to face this night alone.

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