Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Daddy, May I Please Have This Dance?

I don't know how to begin to thank you for this day, my dearest.  It has been so special since the second I opened my eyes.

When I awoke, it was so wonderful to hear you in the kitchen making our breakfast.  The smell of pancakes, bacon and coffee brewing filled the whole house with long-forgotten magic.

It has been so long since we even had a meal together--so long since you felt strong enough to leave the sanctity of your room.  When mommy left us to be with that awful man, I was so afraid for you.  I did tell you that everything would be alright someday soon, and I wasn't lying to you, was I?  At least you know I would never do that.

I remember that dark day like it was yesterday, as I'm certain you do as well, my pet.  You had prepared a lovely breakfast, as was your habit in those days, and she had sat there and watched and said not a word.  After we'd finished your delightful meal, without so much as a moment's hesitation, she began to laugh and stated she was leaving us to spend her life with a man she had met at the mall.  Who leaves the loves of their life to spend what time they have left with someone they meet at a mall?  As I have always tried to tell you, Father, sometimes there is no accounting for taste.

She had already packed a few things, and instead of taking them and leaving with some shred of dignity, she sat back and waited for the awful man to come and pick her up here.  Here.  At our home.  I was beyond horrified at the audacity of this woman, and I could see the pain creeping in and beginning to consume you.  I couldn't bear to see you weep, so I hurried to wait in the awful man's car for them so we could discuss this matter rationally and calmly.

She needed to understand that the die had been cast, and, even if things didn't work out as planned with the awful man, her return would not be permitted since this was no longer her home.  The awful man needed to understand something too.  His interference in our previously idyllic lives was not going to be tolerated.  We spoke at great length and I can assure you--they both understood.  Neither will darken our doorway again.

Our going into town for lunch and a movie this afternoon was such a sweet surprise.  When you asked the waitress to bring a cake with eleven candles, and you both sang to me, I believed I would faint with happiness.

And now, waiting for the musicians and guests to arrive for my celebration, I am grateful for this time alone with you to let you know how much I appreciate all that you've done to make this my most special day ever.

I should probably mention that your new lady friend that you invited to my party will be unable to attend.  I paid her a short visit while you were napping after lunch and we had such a pleasant chat.  She wasn't aware that your heart had been broken in the recent past and that her current intrusion into your life was ill advised.  But, after I explained it all to her in the greatest of detail, it became crystal clear.  What it is that you need--all that you need actually--is family right now.  Family.  The love of family is what heals the wounds of the heart and mind.  Family.  Only.

You needn't concern yourself about her anymore, Daddy.  I recitified that situation.

Do you like my new dress, my sweet?  I secretly saved all my allowance to be able to buy it myself so I'd have something extra special to wear for you today.  All this beautiful white lace--it's almost completely stained crimson now--your blood pooling around me, warm and soothing.

The musicians and some of the guests have begun to arrive.  Why are you all just standing in the doorway?  It's alright to come in now and just set your presents down on the big table.  You may use the big knife I've brought down to begin cutting the cake.  You might want to give it a quick rinse first though.

We won't be joining you right away however, because once the band gets set up and begins to play, Daddy and I will be having the very first dance.  It's just the two of us now, you see, as it should always have been.

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