Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Inkitt: My New Favorite Spot to Read and Write

In case you are not familiar with it yet, let me clue you in on a new (to me, anyway) site.  It's Inkit, and it is a community for writers and readers alike.  As a writer, you can post your work and receive feedback from the community.  As a reader, you can enjoy the work of some very talented individuals in a variety of forms and genres, then provide your input and support.  What's going on over at Inkitt on any given day?  More than you can imagine.

First, let's take a look at all the genres available for posting and reading:

1.  Horror
2.  Fan Fiction
3.  Fantasy
4.  Sci-Fi
5.  Thriller
6.  Mystery
7.  Humor

Something for everyone, right?  Absolutely.

Next, there are several groups:

1.  Feedback and Reviews (Are you looking to borrow another pair of eyes or do you need reviews on your story*)

2.  Introduce Yourself (Hello stranger!  I'd love to get to know you so tell me your story*)

3.  Support and Feature Requests (Report technical meltdowns and great ideas for improvements of the product.  Get updates about new features*)

4.  Writing Contests (Ask or share anything regarding our Inkitt contests*)

5.  Writing and Editing (Discuss plots, styles, writer's block, grammar, technical and creative writing*)

*Description directly from the site.

And last, but most certainly not least, the specific Writing Contests.  Currently, there are six running, each with no entry fee.  For specifics, click on the description.

1.  Mystery/Thriller, 8/17/15 to 9/17/15.
2.  Humor, 8/7/15 to 9/7/15.
3.  Sci-Fi, 8/7/15 to 10/7/15.
4.  Paranormal/Supernatural, 7/24/15 to 9/24/15.
5.  Historical Fiction, 7/24/15 to 9/24/15.
6.  Fantasy, 8/24/15 to 9/24/15.

Again.  Something for everyone, right?  Positively.

Make sure you check out Inkitt.  I'm sure glad I did!

1 comment:

  1. Inkitt is not legitimate.
    They don’t care about your book; they care about their sales. They want as many stories as possible to find the next 50 Shades of Grey, but that doesn’t mean they have an appreciation for literature or the effort an author goes to in order to produce a novel.
    I am pretty confident that they have not read their top stories either. They know the numbers and that is all that seems to matter. What does that say about how they feel for their authors? What does that say about what they believe about an author’s work and vision for their story? If you look at what their lead says about the site, it is all about their algorithm and little more. Who on their team could tell you about the heart and soul of a story, and who on their team actually has experience or education in the literary industry?
    Besides which – what happened to the story they said was getting published? The Rising Sun. The story is good but it is underbaked and needs a few rounds of editing before being presented. Why pick an unfinished story regardless of reader numbers? Surely that is a poor way to do it as there will be a huge time-gap and editing process before anything can be done (IF anything gets done seeing as they haven’t published anything in the years they had been operating nor have they made any public ties to any publishing house or signed any deals with anyone agency of note).
    I see IT folk and a marketing team, but nothing that gives me any faith in their belief about stories or the beauty of fiction. Even their marketing has become a bit slap-dash lately. The wording of their latest contest makes it sound like the winner is either grand, they earn a grand, or all the entries are grand. It is also another copy/paste version of their previous novel contests (just as all their Fandom contests are copy/paste versions with a new number behind them. Fandom1. Fandom2. Fandom3.)
    After watching them for the past few months and reading up on them, I have no trust in Inkitt. I have heard too many horror stories to put any faith into the site or their claims of getting people published. It is a scam and one that their own team seems to believe is real.