Friday, March 12, 2010

Our Deaf Hit Man Lives!

Okay, something really cool is happening here. Christopher Grant, who is responsible for that jewel of the web, A Twist of Noir, created a character in his story, Reverberations, who is a (still nameless) deaf hit man. I can't explain it, but anyone who read this great story got the character stuck in their head. For some reason, you didn't want your association with him to end with that tale--you needed to know more--needed to kind of birddog him to see what he was currently up to. Nutty, but true. There was just something about him...

Well, Jimmy Callaway picked up the torch and ran with it in his incredible story, Closed Captioned. It took our favorite character further, gave us a deeper look into him and kept him alive.

Well, I picked it up from Jimmy and kept the fire burning with my story, Blind Date. Another look into how our deaf guy thinks and operates. I couldn't help myself. I'm proud to see it up on A Twist of Noir--that his creator saw my story for the tribute to his character that it was meant to be. Can't explain it, but, his story has got to be told and, when you tell it, it has to be told right. I feel like we owe our deaf guy that much.

I've included links here of what currently is available on this fascinating character.

First, we have Christopher's story, Reverberations, where we meet our guy.

Next, we have Jimmy's tale, Closed Captioned, where we get to know him better.

And, here's mine, Blind Date, where we see him in action.

Enjoy. They're a blast to read, and I know I can speak for all of us when I say that they were a blast to write too. I'm going to keep watching, and hopefully more stories about him will come along--perhaps a collection. Now, that would really be something!


  1. Hi Joyce,
    I read Christopher's cracker of a story and it seems something big may be happening here. I'll pop over soon enough to read both yours and Jimmy's takes. And watch this interesting concept/character to see where this thing goes.
    Good stuff!

  2. Thanks, Col. It's crazy how this took off. I can't wait to see who takes over from here.