Monday, March 29, 2010

Too Late a Lesson Learned - Part 4

In the days to come, while Nanny took her afternoon nap, Emily took the big black book to her room and read and learned and memorized. Whispering part of the chants only to perfect the pronunciation without actually producing an effect, she found it easier and easier to issue the commands.

One evening when daddy came home and announced to his children Nanny's services would no longer be required as he had found another love to fill the void left by their mother, Emily knew the time had come for him. She could not allow another woman to come into the house. It was all well and good that Nanny would be out of the way, but it would be more difficult to eliminate daddy and a new bride, along with Amelia. This new woman of his would want his money and he'd already been talking about rewriting his will to include her, which meant less for Emily, and that couldn't happen. Something had to be done before he brought this new enemy into the picture. Something would have to be done now.

One evening a few days later, daddy announced that his new love would be returning from a trip to Europe within the week and would begin to move her belongings into the house. He was beside himself with happiness; he seemed to find a new reason to go on living. He kissed his daughters goodnight, then retired to his room, awaiting Emily's delivery of his glass of warm milk and medication. He dimmed the lights and thought about how different things would be when she arrived. A new mother for his children, someone he would really enjoy having pleasure him--he would no longer need Emily--and he had offered Nanny a generous severance and a gracious reference and told her she was welcome to remain in the house until she obtained another position. She had done so well with Amelia and Emily, he had no intention of putting her out in the street.

Baxter believed Nanny had accepted the news well, but he could detect a hint of bitterness about her manner. He reasoned she simply had come to love his children and was just sorry to be losing contact with them. But it had to be this way. His new wife would want to run the home and care for the children herself. How wonderful life would be.

Emily appeared at his door, holding a glass of milk. No medication for you tonight though, daddy, tonight you die. She began whispering the chant.

"Nodumar, Amande. Amande!"

She commanded the Ancient One to appear. She turned to watch as he seemed to walk through the wall, arms extended, razor-sharp talons ready. Baxter turned to see what she was looking at and froze in horror.

"What the hell is that?" he gasped. "What the..."

Emily began the command.

"Tokur shamand," she whispered. "Tokur shamand. Nostrad."

Kill him. Kill him how.

Before Baxter could move, the thing was upon him, slicing and slashing. He tried to scream, but with his throat cut from ear to ear, he could make no sound. He slumped back on the bed, covered in his own blood, his eyes frozen open forever with fear and torment. Emily simply smiled.

"Good job, Ancient One," she said aloud, even though she knew it could not understand her. "Now, let's take care of the one who brought you to me. She is of no further use to me. I know she was planning to kill my father before he wed so she could continue to control us and ultimately his fortune. I know that was her plan because it was also mine, but now she must die too."

The Ancient One tilted its head, not comprehending any part of what Emily was saying, awaiting his next command, which Emily couldn't have been happier to provide. She whispered the command to kill Nanny as she slept in her bed. Be silent, but quick, she had ordered. Don't let her see it coming.

Emily realized Nanny knew the words to stop the thing and she didn't want her to have time to utter even one syllable. Emily followed the creature downstairs as it made its way to Nannny's room. Nanny awoke just before the first cut across her throat, but it was too late. It was deep and painful, and all she could do was gasp for air that would not be forthcoming. The thing continued its bloody task until the bedcovers were stained red.

"Another job well done, dear friend," she said, receiving no response from the thing. "We'll do the last one a little bit differently because I want Amelia to see it coming. Yes, I definitely want her to know she's going to die tonight. Then, we'll dispose of the mess, and I'll finally have a life for myself. And, of course, you will always be a part of it, dear one."

Emily approached the dark mass and stroked the black hood that covered its head. She had never seen its face and believed it was probably best that way. She told it to remain downstairs and that she would personally deliver its last victim. But, before she left, she gave it one last command. It nodded and Emily knew all would be well. All would be well.

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