Monday, March 29, 2010

Too Late a Lesson Learned - Part 2

Life went down the same path for the Coopersmocks year after year until Martha took to her bed ill. Doctor after doctor consulted doctor after doctor, but none could reach any conclusions about the root of her malaise. The Wednesday evening special occasions with Emily came to a grinding halt--Baxter did not feel it appropriate to engage in pleasurable activities with his daughter on one side of the bed while his wife lay ill on the other. Martha had told him it would not cause her any distress; she would simply medicate herself so as not to be disturbed. Emily's lessons must continue, she had told him--the child must not be deprived, her future was at stake. But Baxter explained it just wouldn't be the same, something would be missing. He would continue Emily's training when his beloved wife recovered and not before. That was his final word on the subject.

Martha Cecily Coopersmock died quietly in her sleep two months to the day she first took to her bed. No one could explain her demise and thus, no attempt was ever made. She was simply removed from her bed wrapped in her favorite satin bedding and transported to the funeral home. A touching service occurred three days following her death; all her close friends and their families were in attendance. All but Amelia and Emily. Daddy had explained to them that this was not an event they should witness. They needed to remember their beloved mother as she was. Silently. Not another word about it. And not another word about it was ever spoken.

Things were different around the Coopersmock house after that. No more Wednesday evenings, no more entertaining. Daddy seemed to withdraw into himself and further distance himself from his children. That is, until the day he brought Nanny home.

Nanny, it seemed, was someone daddy had heard about from one of his business associates. Children need a woman in the house, he had been told, and Nanny had tutored and raised his partner's children from infancy. She had a special way with children, Baxter had been told. She had knowledge of ancient languages and cultures, and little ones were drawn to her like she was a magnet. Late night whispering under the covers, exchanging playful looks and gestures, she was a gem and a half. Baxter's partner's children were now grown and on their own so Nanny's services were no longer required there. There had been some unfortunate occurrences while she had been under their roof (accidental deaths of pets and friends), but Nanny always seemed able to lift the children's despair. Get her while you can, Baxter had been told. She will no doubt be hired on the spot by the first family who knows she has become available. She lives in and takes over the care of the children. Totally. Baxter would be able to put his life back on track and not be concerned about Amelia and Emily's welfare. Nanny would take care of everything.

Baxter met Nanny over coffee, discussed the position, and brought her home with him, suitcase and all. Yes. This was the right thing to do under the circumstances. The children do need a woman around the house. And, she came so highly recommended.

Amelia took to Nanny at first sight, Nanny being somewhat of a social outcast herself. Not someone one would actually term as ugly, but most assuredly unattractive and on the solemn side. Amelia loved her. Really. Emily, on the other hand, seemed oddly suspicious of Nanny's fondling and repeated attempts at solidifying a bond between them. She constantly spoke of bizarre things such as the existence of parallel worlds and communicating with something called the Ancient One--never really saying anything specific about this entity, but always promising to teach Amelia and Emily how to call out to him, summon him, command him.

Soon, she would say, the time will come very soon when you are both ready for an introduction. You will relish the company of the Ancient One, she told them; he can become your best friend. But you must pay close attention to my instructions on how to reach this visage. Very close attention. Mistakes must not be made. Nanny told them she would teach them the ancient dialect, but it was difficult and they must agree to study hard and must remember correctly. Exactly.

The ceremonies, as Nanny referred to them, began harmlessly enough. They must be conducted by candlelight, she had said, and the ancient dialect must be spoken in whispers. The three of them must sit together in a circle, their bodies touching somehow. They must be united as one; this was a very important point to remember. One must never summon the Ancient One alone. Never while alone. She had repeated this so many times, Emily began to grow weary of Nanny'c constant admonitions. The Ancient One. The ancient dialect. Sit in a circle with bodies in constant contact. Rubbish. Emily wanted to see this creature, or whatever it was, for herself. She also wanted to see what it could do when commanded. Then, she would become a believer.

One night, after the Mr. had gone out for the evening, Nanny told Amelia and Emily they were going to take a step further tonight. They were going to demonstrate for the Ancient One that they appreciated and reveled in the joys and sorrows of the flesh. Once he saw that for himself, he would know they were worthy of his presence and attention. The girls had no idea what she was talking about, but found out soon enough.

Upstairs in one of the extra bedrooms, Nanny had prepared the area by placing a large blanket on the bare wood floor and had surrounded it with small black candles, which she slowly and carefully lit--one by one--all the while muttering some phrase, over and over until they were all afire. She had asked Emily to remain outside the circle this time; secretly, she didn't really trust Emily very much and thought she would be able to conduct the rite with Amelia with much more cooperation. Amelia was a sad child, and lonely. She had been basically rejected by her parents, had no real friends to speak of, and yearned for someone to care for her. Amelia would enjoy this bonding rite. Nanny knew she could count on Amelia to let the Ancient One know he would be welcome in this house.

Nanny quietly told Amelia to remove her clothing. Amelia was embarrassed, but she did as she was told. Emily sat on the mattress in the corner of the room wondering what kind of perverted game this was going to become. Well, it would figure. Perhaps this thing--creature--vision--would want to touch her sister. Heaven knows no human man could bring himself to. Emily thought of Amelia as a slug and pointed out the resemblance to her often enough.

Amelia lay on the blanket and Nanny gently spread her legs. Emily's eyes kept sweeping the room, awaiting some dark presence with fiery eyes to come and copulate with her sister.

Just like in the movies, she smiled to herself, and this was all just as hokey. But there was no dark vision, no eyes aflame with desire. It was Nanny herself who caressed Amelia, kissing and gently stroking her in her secret place until Amelia began to moan with delight. Emily watched Amelia shudder briefly and laughed silently.

It didn't take very long to get her off, she thought, just a few seconds. Well, Emily had been the recipient of daddy's training after all. Not Amelia. Surely, she wouldn't be able to hold back from all that intimacy.

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