Monday, March 29, 2010

Too Late a Lesson Learned - Part 3

Emily got ready to get up and go downstairs to sample more of daddy's liquor, which she found extremely soothing. Daddy never minded it; she would take a little from here and a little from there, until her glass was full, then take it up to bed and slowly sip until she was warm and comfortable inside. The glass was washed and back in the kitchen cabinet before anyone arose each morning, and Emily enjoyed the danger of it all. It was now a nightly ritual for her, and she never wanted to stop. Every once in awhile, daddy would call her to his room to pleasure him, and it helped being somewhat numb.

Emily thought her daddy was a sick fuck--a child molester. She'd learned about such things in spite of her isolation. She'd always pretended to relish his touch and showed gratitude for what he tried to teach her, but in the end, he was just a sick fuck and Emily wished he would just die.

His touch repulsed her, he always smelled of medication. He was taking quite a bit of it of late. She had often considered giving him a few too many pills in his milk in the evening when he took all his medications before he went to bed, but she decided against it. He was too well known, no one was ever in the house but her and Amelia, and of course, Nanny, but everyone would probably suspect Emily anyway. Somehow, they would find out she had done it and life would be over. She decided the best thing to do was just to wait him out. He would die soon enough, she was sure of that, and then the inheritance would be hers as the eldest, and she would boot Amelia out, along with this spook of a live-in babysitter and have the house all to herself. She was patient; she would just wait him out,

As Amelia's pleasure crested and fell, Nanny began reciting the archiac chant to summon the Ancient One so he could join them and watch. Emily was very adept at learning foreign languages, but this was one she had never heard before. She listened closely though and tried to remember. If all this chanting did conjure something up, she wanted to be able to bring it out of the shadows for her own personal use. Of course, Amelia was lost in a world of her own design, as usual. Listening to nothing, remembering nothing, learning nothing. For the first time in her life, she was feeling, and she was going to keep feeling as long as it would last.

A glint of light caught the corner of Emily's eye. Her eyes widened in shock and her heart began to race as she saw emerging from the dark corner of the room a large figure. The figure was draped in a black cloak and its hands were folded. At least, she thought they were hands until she saw the talons resting on each of its arms.

My God, she thought, is this that Ancient One Nanny keeps talking about? My God, she has summoned up the devil himself. The creature moved effortlessly and silently across the floor toward Amelia and Nanny, who had eased herself off the blanket outside the circle of candles next to Emily.

"Look," she whispered, "he has come. He has come to drink from the well of this young woman, to join his soul with hers as he has done with mine on many occasions. You will be next, my dear," she said. "You must let the Ancient One consume you and become one with him. Then, he will be ours to command."

Ours, Emily thought, you mean, mine to command, you twisted old bitch. That thing can do whatever it wants to me if I can control it. How much worse than daddy would it be..."

The dark figure covered Amelia, slobbering over her, licking her everywhere with its black tongue. Emily began to feel sick to her stomach, but watched Amelia writhe in ecstasy and began to feel stirrings of her own. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad after all. And it would be hers to command. She glanced over at Nanny, who was joining in the festivities by feverishly pleasuring herself.

Emily thought they will all have to go. All of them. First daddy, then Nanny, then poor little Amelia, the slug. Emily knew in the terms of her father's will, one of the conditions was that she provide a home for Amelia. He had never believed Amelia would be able to fend or care for herself and despise her though he did, he did want to make sure she was well cared for. Well, Emily was not about to provide a home for her or anything else.

Maybe I'll get my friend the Ancient One to take them all out, Emily smiled. Nanny had said it would do anything for us. I wonder if it would kill for me.

Nanny was so preoccupied with her own delight, she didn't notice as Emily thumbed through her book of commands in the ancient language.

Surely there must be a spell or something in here that I could use, Emily thought. Every chance I get, I'll sneak a look. The purposes behind the chants are right alongside the words to whisper. I'm not going to learn what she plans to teach. I'll just learn what I need.

When the thing was finished, it arose and waited. Nanny turned to look at Emily, and she had already removed her clothing and was pushing Amelia out of the circle and positioning herself on the blanket. Ready. The creature ran its sharp talons firmly over her body, not hard tough to cut, but certainly enough to light the fire within her. She let the creature take her and had to admit it was pleasurable in a kinky, bizarre sort of way. She had no plans for a second helping of a visit of this kind, but once would be enough. She would learn how to summon it and control it. She would learn how to make it do her bidding. She would learn how to make it kill for her.

When the Ancient One was finished with Emily, it slowly backed itself up into the corner from which it had come and vanished into thin air. Amelia was all giggly and excited. Nanny was completed satiated, and Emily wanted to vomit.

But, she thought, there is always a price to pay, isn't there, for getting what you want. Always a price...

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